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Ms Mugliette represents the Federation on the Civil Society Committee and has been doing so for about six years now. She is a member on the committee of the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability, formerly known as KNPD. She has been representing the MFOPD on the KNPD / CRPD’s committee for years and makes sure that MFOPD’s members are kept well informed about what is happening in the disability sector and also forwards the members’ suggestions through the right channels.
Ms Mugliette was the person who, for five whole years, with the constant support of Mr Michael Evans,  then President of the European Union of Supported Employment, worked incessantly to introduce Supported Employment in Malta. As President of MFOPD, she communicated and organised other NGOs and government entities to come together and founded the Malta Association of Supported Employment (MASE).
In 2015 and 2016, MASE implemented a professional Supported Employment program for disabled and disadvantaged persons which was financed by the authorities.  Ms Mugliette was the Executive Director for this program which was a huge success; registering 531 successes in a year, nearly double the amounts requested by the government authorities whilst using up merely 60% of allocated funding. Since September 2016, Marthese was also appointed as President of MASE. For 10 years she was the President of the Down Syndrome Association Malta. Currently she acts as  its Advisor. She has been working on a voluntary basis within the disability sector for the past 25 years.
Ms Mugliette is a parent of a 302year old daughter who has Down syndrome.

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