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Project Overview

The Small Initiatives Support Scheme is a government funded scheme which aids and assists registered NGOs in minor projects. In 2017, MFOPD applied for a Eur 3,000 grant from the SIS Scheme 2018, which application was shortlisted and approved.

By means of this project MFOPD wanted to sharpen its marketing tools by means of the following:

The production and launch of a revamped MFOPD website, properly linked with other key websites on both a local and European network level.

The generation and launching of ‘pages’ in the key social media

The use of the mentioned social media networks to promote our marketing tools and to recruit potential members 

The bi-annual publishing of MFOPD’s printed newsletter/journal which will focus on the initiatives undertaken within civil society on disability issues, both locally and abroad.

Project - Print

MFOPD’s submission for the SIS Scheme lists as a 2018 target the publishing of two newsletters/journals during the year in question. The first publication targeted for June 2018 whilst the second publication targeted for December 2018. 

Please find below the links to the publications in question.


Project - Internet

This MFOPD webpage has been totally constructed as a result of the SIS Scheme 2018. As per project proposal, the MFOPD webpage is linked with:

  • All its NGO Member organisations.

  • All its European and International Affiliations.

  • All its sister and partner organisations.

The MFOPD Council will endeavour to ensure that this web page is kept updated with all the views and news of the local and international disability sector.

Project - Social Media

By means of the SIS Scheme 2018, MFOPD also created its own Facebook Page and Facebook Like Page, where news of MFOPD activities and initiatives are put on the social media in order to maximise on visibility and interaction with civil society. Facebook is MFOPD’s preferred social medium due to the fact that, locally, it is the most utilised Social Media Network by the civil society catchment area targeted and represented by MFOPD.

You can access our Facebook Like page here.

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