The Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability is the officially recognised national federation representing civil society’s disability sector both locally and in the international fora. 

Locally, MFOPD’s representative is appointed by Her Excellency the President of Malta in the consultative committee of the Malta Community Chest Fund.

MFOPD’s representative is also appointed by the Hon. Prime Minister of Malta as a Commission Member on the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability.

MFOPD is also officially represented on the Malta EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) and on the Civil Society Committee of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD).

On the international stage, the Federation is an active member of various international organisations and European platforms. It is regularly invited by the European Commission on conferences and seminars related to the European disability sector.

MFOPD is an active member of the European Disability Forum(EDF). The European Disability Forum is an independent NGO that defends the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities. We are a unique platform which brings together representative organisation of persons with disabilities from across Europe. We are run by persons with disabilities and their families. We are a strong, united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe. EDF is one of the strongest European platforms lobbying for the rights of persons with disability throughout all the structures of the European Union.

By means of its EDF membership, the MFOPD is therefore the Malta Disability representative within the International Disability Alliance(IDA). The International Disability Alliance (IDA) is an alliance of eight global and six regional organisations of persons with disabilities. We advocate at the UN for a more inclusive global environment for persons with disabilities and their organisations. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is our touchstone. We are invested in ensuring that the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals are inclusive and in line with CRPD. We support organisations of persons with disabilities worldwide to take part in UN and international human rights processes, and use international accountability mechanisms. With member organisations globally, IDA represents the estimated one billion people worldwide with disabilities. This is the world’s largest and most frequently overlooked marginalised group.

MFOPD is also a proud charter signatory of the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action. This Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action has been developed in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit (23 and 24 May 2016, Istanbul) by over 70 stakeholders from States, UN agencies, the international civil society community and global, regional and national organisations of persons with disabilities. By endorsing this Charter, you will commit to render humanitarian action inclusive of persons with disabilities, by lifting barriers persons with disabilities are facing in accessing relief, protection and recovery support and ensuring  their participation in the development, planning and implementation humanitarian programmes. This Charter is open for endorsement by States and governments, UN agencies, organisations involved in humanitarian contexts and organisations of persons with disabilities.

MFOPD is also an active member of the European Network on Independent Living(ENIL). The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is a Europe-wide network of disabled people, with members throughout Europe. ENIL is a forum for all disabled people, Independent Living organisations and their non-disabled allies on the issues of Independent Living. ENIL represents the disability movement for human rights and social inclusion based on solidarity, peer support, deinstitutionalisation, democracy, self-representation, cross disability and self-determination. ENIL’s mission is to advocate and lobby for Independent Living values, principles and practices, namely for barrier-free environment, provision of personal assistance support and adequate technical aids, together making full citizenship of disabled people possible. ENIL’s activities target European, national and local administrations, politicians, media, and the general society. ENIL works to strengthen the empowerment of disabled people mainly through providing resources for peer counselling and peer training. ENIL enhances the European disability network by providing the arena for the sharing of experience of services and in providing economical, logistics and technical expertise.

MFOPD is also an active member of Inclusion Europeand Inclusion International. 

Inclusion Europe is an association of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Europe, founded in 1988. We fight for equal rights and full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in all aspects of life. As a European association we work in the many different areas which our members have identified as important to them, such as providing for the exchange of knowledge across Europe, trans-national synergy, membership support, influencing European policies, especially European social policy.

Inclusion International is the international network of people with intellectual disabilities and their families advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.  Together they agree on a Statement of Unity and are committed to progress towards inclusion International’s vision. For over fifty years Inclusion International has been committed to the promotion of these human rights and our organization now represents over 200 member federations in 115 countries throughout five regions including the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.


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