MASE is the official Malta representative of the main international supported employment institutions in both European and international levels. Apart from also being members of the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL), MASE is the Malta representative of:

The European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE) was established in 1993 to facilitate the development of Supported Employment throughout Europe. Supported Employment assists people with significant disabilities (physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory and hidden) to access real employment opportunities, of their own choice, in an integrated setting with appropriate ongoing support to become economically and socially active in their own communities. 

EUSE works to achieve this through the promotion of the Supported Employment model, the exchange of information and knowledge on good practice in Supported Employment and the development of model services. EUSE provides a platform for networking with other organisations and associations at European and worldwide level. 


Role and Activities 


The main activities of the European Union of Supported Employment include: 


• Organising the EUSE Conference, which is held bi-annually. 

• Exchanging information via regular mail shots, and now, thanks to this project through newsletters, email and website ( 

• Influencing European social and economic policy. 

• Networking with other European Associations and working with worldwide organisations. 

• Developing new National Associations – assisting and supporting organisations to establish their own National Associations 

• Campaigning and lobbying for the rights of people with significant disabilities to access vocational training and employment. 

• Researching and developing models of good practice, staff training, quality standards, self-advocacy, capacity building and legislation.

• Membership services and support for National Associations 


MASE was proud to co-host, in February 2017, a European conference on Supported Employment in Malta in which all the European National Associations and the highest EUSE leadership were present and congratulated the work done by MFOPD and MASE in Malta.

The World Association of Supported Employment

WASE is a network of persons and organizations with the aim to promote supported employment all over the world.


WASE was constituted in 1995 and is since promoting supported employment. In 2003, with the help of the ILO, a special CD Rom and Handbook was produced for developing countries and organizations who are interested in introducing supported employment in their jurisdictions.


WASE is also looking at quality in supported employment performance and has designed quality criteria. A new initiative is a quality mark for employers/companies with proven records in employing persons with a disability through supported employment.


The Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network (GLADNET) brings together research centres, universities, enterprises, government departments, trade unions, and organizations of and for persons with disabilities. Our common goal is to advance competitive employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities.


GLADNET's objective is to promote disability policy and program reform with emphasis on integrated training and employment options for working age persons with disabilities. These objectives are achieved through collaborative applied research projects, and by the global exchange of information via the Internet.


GLADNET is taking a lead in making sure that the implications of the UNCRPD are made clear to those national and international agencies with responsibility for promoting the implementation of the Convention in the areas of employment and training. With the support of the ILO an on-line resource has been developed which provides you access to a wide range of resources. GLADNET has also established a Thematic Group to monitor progress in the implementation of Articles 27, 28 and 32 worldwide.


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